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Korcula’s history dates back to 4BC when the first Greek writing was found, it peaked from the 13th to the 15th century and stayed independent despite many Ottoman attempts to overtake including the famous battle of 1571 against the Ottoman naval leader Uluz Alija. Venetians left in 1797 after the Peace Treaty of Campoformio when the Austrians took over and reigned for over a century. 

The most famous Korculan is Marko Polo. Although evidence to support this thesis is at best sketchy, Marko Polo is reputed to have been born in Korcula itself. Korcula still boasts his birth home. If Marco’s place of birth is somewhat ambiguous, it is certain that he was taken prisoner by the Genoese in the naval battle of Korcula, between the Venetian and Genovese states. Having been captured and taken to a Genoese prison, he wrote his book Million (see below) about his travels to China.


Korcula’s rough and rich history did not leave a mark on its looks. Korcula is, according to many, the most beautiful Croatian island. It is green, lush throughout and unlike any other Croatian island. 

The southern side of the island is rugged, mysterious and liberating with its open seas and only the island of Lastovo as a reminder of civilization. Zavalatica reminds of Mallorca or French Riviera with its rocky beaches while the narrow beach bays of Bacva and Pupnatska Luka are outstanding for catching sun. 

The east of the island ends in Lumbarda and its Pržina sand beach is a children’s playground.

The northern side of the island is the most developed. In addition to Korcula town, new developments in Zrnovska Banja, such as Korcula Hills, bring the modern to the authentic Korcula landscape.  La Banya is the beach club to hit as it offers a world class bar and lounge. Kneže and the romantic Račće round off a beautiful coastline with pristine beaches and the true feel of the Mediterranean. 

The west is Vela Luka but before that please do not miss the tiny island of Prizden and spend a day basking in the sun and crystal clear seas. 


One of the most favorite activities in Croatia is island hopping. This is in particular true for Korcula. Nestled between Dubrovnik and Split, Korcula is a perfect base to island hop. 

Hvar is a stunner. While it is best known for its Ibiza style beach bars and nightlife, Hvar has so much more to offer. From outstanding restaurants to great bustros and bars. Stari Grad and Jelsa offer as much as the town of Hvar itself but just in a more subtle way. Strongly recommend Bistro Rafa but also jumping over to Paklenjaci island for a day to remember. Hvar is only just over an hour from Korcula by a daily catamaran and is perfect for a day/night trip. 

Lastovo is magical. With only 600 residents, one hotel and one major restaurant, Lastovo is a place where time has stopped and the Mediterranean is still in its vintage 1950s. it is only an hour from Korcula island by catamaran or over an hour from Vela Luka by ferry. 

Mljet is a protected National Park. It is just a superb island to explore and enjoy the natural habitat and beauty. 

Korcula Archipelago is also known as Skoji Islets which includes 18 small islands and islets dotted around the channel between Peljesac and Korcula island. Three stand out. Vrnik is as beautiful as they come with a stunning bar/restaurant and beautiful old stone houses. Badija has a diameter of about 4,7 km and is perfect for a day in nature and skinny dipping. As you come off the boat, please do not be surprised by the beautiful monastery and its many animal neighbors. Stupe is a true epitome of an island beach bar with Moro Bar a standout for partying and dining. All islands are easily reachable from Korcula or Lumbarda via one of many taxi


Winegrowers and super foodies turn Korcula into a mouthwatering spectacle. Enjoy Pošip (the authentic white wine from Korcula) which is by far the best white grape in Southern Europe or delicious reds Dingač and Postup which grow in the Adriatic cliffs of Pelješac, just a 10 minute boat ride from Korcula. 

Konoba Adio Mare remains our favorite as it blends local ingredients with seafood in an authentic setting of old town Korcula. Ante will always find common topics and might sip a glass with you while servers Mateo and Dario will make sure you try all they reccomend. Strong recommendation for broudet (fish soup) and black risotto that Adio Mare takes to another level. 

LD is a gem. This Michelin star restaurant and its young chef Marko Gajski are the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary just like its big brother hotel LD Palace. You will enjoy the finest wines and even better bites. 

If you are in a rush and wish a quick bite, please see Maha. Food and beverages run in the family with the second generation expanding the business. Maha is the perfect spot for an afternoon snack or a shorts inspired fish burger that is out of this world. 

Mate is as authentic as it gets. If you did not get served, you would feel you are enjoying someone’s front yard. The food is delicious and is a must when on the island. 

If you are a romantic, Zavalatica is your summer option. The stunning views of the southwest open seas are as enticing as Alfred’s local food and tasty catch of the day. Please bring a navy sweater if you do not prefer a stronger summer breeze.