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The POYE is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace and, comfort.
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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00


100 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA


+208 333 9296

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The Luxury Experience You’ll Remember

You wake up in a spacious bed, brew an espresso, cook breakfast outdoors and the key decision of the day remains to opt for the Beach or the Pool. 

Hidden behind olive groves, Poye is a sanctuary away from summer’s hustle and bustle. Nestled behind a dead-end road on the island of Korcula, Poye offers a new take on refined luxury. This is not your summer villa you will brag about to your friends but a home away from home. A treat for a hard work’s done, a hideaway from the day-to-day spotlight, a retreat where the dresscode is “skimpy” or, for the more courageous ones, au naturel.   

Get ready for a spectacle of tourqouise seas, island hopping and delicious food.